The Diviners (part 1)

It’s not often that I stumble upon a 15-CD audiobook and think, “yes Margaux! Brilliant! You have the time and patience for this!” but for some unknown reason I did this time. I was at the library looking for our hard copy of The Diviners by Libba Bray (let us all bask in the glory that is that woman’s name for just a moment…… okay done) to no avail. I’m convinced someone was reading it IN THE LIBRARY that day.

Anyways I hunched my shoulders in mock-disappointment over the text version and as I walked past our audio section and saw that we had it on CD. I’d read in School Library Journal that the audio was one of the best of 2013 so I gave it a shot.

I find myself listening to it in the car and wishing that I had the sultry voice of Theta and could jaunt around New York City unnoticed like Sam. The characters are so well-drawn in this book and I really think the audio does it justice. If you need me at any time in the next few weeks, you’ll find me on the couch with a cup of coffee listening to The Diviners in the glow of my Christmas tree.


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