Cemetery Boys by Heather Brewer


This book was seriously bad-freakin’-ass. I got it as an advanced copy, so this one will be released at the end of the month.

Release Date:

March 30, 2015


Stephen and his dad just moved back to Spencer, Michigan. They’re moving in with his grandma, and she’s reveling in the fact that Stephen’s mom isn’t with them because she was institutionalized. Soon after, Stephen meets Cara (hot goth chick) and her twin brother, Devon, who also have a crazy mother. What a coincidence! But when Devon invites Stephen to a Revel at the Playground (the local cemetery) he starts to realize something sinister might be afoot.


Wow. I can honestly say that this book reminded me of The Raven Boys meets a small-town urban myth. Very interesting. If you’re into dark cult material, this is your book!


2 thoughts on “Cemetery Boys by Heather Brewer

    • margauxdeutsch says:

      I can get behind that thought. I’ve been reading a lot of dark lately, and that just tends to put you in a dark place. I just read *The Geography of You and Me* by Jennifer E. Smith and that was much lighter. It’s also a travel-themed YA love story, so that also got me goin.

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